a partial list of the authors and books we have represented 


William J. Rehder, FBI retired  (Where the Money Is, Norton); Stacy Allison (Beyond the Limits, Little Brown); Bobby DeLaughter (Never Too Late, Scribner); Bill White  (Uppity, Grand Central); Norma McCorvey  (I Am Roe, HarperCollins); Fritz Kohner (Hannah and Walter, Random House); Simon Goodman (The Orpheus Clock, Scribner); Cyndy Garvey with Andy Meisler (The Secret Life of Cyndy Garvey, Doubleday)   

Biography   Gerard Depardieu (Paul Chutkow, Depardieu, Knopf); Georgia O’Keeffe (Hunter Drohojowska-Philp, Full Bloom, Norton, cover NYTBR); Patsy Cline (Margaret Jones, Patsy, HarperCollins); James Dean (Joe Hyams, Little Boy Lost, Warner); Elia Kazan (Jeff Young, Kazan, Newmarket)​; George H. W. Bush (Joe Hyams, Flight of the Avenger, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich); Pat Riley (Byron Laursen, The Winner Within, Putnam); Edith Head (Paddy Calistro, Edith Head's Hollywood, Dutton)
Ray Manzarek, (Light My Fire, Putnam); Barry Manilow (Sweet Life, McGraw Hill); Kim Novak (My Name is Marilyn, Warner); Eddie, the Dog from Frazier (Brian Hargrove, My Life as a Dog, HarperCollins); Wolfman Jack with Byron Laursen (Have Mercy, Warner); Chuck Norris with Joe Hyams (The Secret of Inner Strength; The Secret Power Within, Zen Solutions to Real Problems, Little Brown); Suzanne Somers (Keeping Secrets, Warner)
Michael Leahy (Hard Times: A Year at Beverly Hills High, Little Brown); Hunter Drohojowska-Philp (Rebels in Paradise, Henry Holt), Judy Muller, NPR, USC, formerly ABC News (Now This, Putnam); Susan Brink (A Change of Heart, Knopf; The Fourth Trimester, UC Press);  Gordon Dillow, co-author (Where the Money Is, Norton; Uppity, Grand Central); Susan Littwin, (The Postponed Generation, William Morrow); Peter Hartz (Merger:The Bendix-Martin Marietta Takeover War, WIlliam Morrow); Carter Henderson (Winners, Henry Holt); Louse Farr (The Sunset Murders, Simon & Schuster)
Professor H. Mitchell Caldwell, Pepperdine School of Law, and Judge Michael Lief,  (Ladies and Gentlemen of the Jury; And the Walls Came Tumbling Down; The Devil’s Advocates, all Scribner);  William Hodgman, Los Angeles Head Deputy District Attorney; George Kieffer (The Strategy of Meetings, Simon & Schuster) 
Dr. Daniel J. Levy, Director, National Institute of Health Framingham Heart Study (A Change of Heart, Knopf);  Dr. Judith Reichman, former Woman’s Health Contributor, Today Show (I’m Too Young to Get Old, Random House; I’m Not in the Mood; Relax, This Won’t Hurt, HarperCollins); Dr. David Viscott (The Viscott Method; Taking Care of Business, Morrow)
Melody Stevenson (Life Song of Singing Bird, Faber & Faber); Howard Fast (The Immigrants, Second Generation, The Legacy, The Establishment, all Houghton Mifflin and Dell); The X Files (Andy Meisler, The End and the Beginning;  Resist or Serve;  I Want to Believe; all HarperCollins);  Lis Anna, William Faulkner Fiction Competition, Finalist; Thomas Wolfe Fiction Award, Second Place (Skinny Dipping in a Dirty Pond); E.V. Cunningham (The Case of the One-Penny Orange; The Case of the Russian Diplomat; The Case of the Poisoned Eclairs, all Henry Holt)
Al Siebert, Ph.D. (The Survivor Personality, Putnam); Mary Donkersloot, R.D. (Simply Gourmet Diabetes Cookbook, Clarkson Potter; How to Quit Smoking and Not Gain Weight, Three Rivers Press); David Niven, Ph.D. (100 Simple Secrets of Happy People, (HarperCollins);  Food & Wine’s Official Guide to Wine, American Express; Evan Goldstein, Master Sommelier (Perfect Pairings; Daring Pairings; The Wines of South America; all University of California Press); Elizabeth Minchilli (Restoring a Home in Italy, Artisan; Carol Abrams (Teen Knitting Club, Artisan); Get 'em and Go Travel Guides, 22 titles (Houghton Mifflin, Morrow, HarperCollins)
Cookbooks|Chefs|Food Writers 
Many of our cookbooks have won James Beard and IACP/Julia Child Awards. 

California Pizza Kitchen (Wiley); Mark Peel (2 tiitles/Random House, Warner); Nancy Silverton (4 titles/HarperCollins, Random House, Warner); Wolfgang Puck (4 titles/Houghton Mifflin, Random House); Emeril Lagasse (HarperCollins); Viana LaPlace (6 titles/HarperCollins, William Morrow); Evan Kleiman (5 titles/HarperCollins, William Morrow); Faye Levy (6 titles/Warner, Macmillan); Nina Simonds (3 titles/HarperCollins, William Morrow); Jody Maroni (Rizzoli); The Palm Restaurant (Running Press); Lori DeMori, Locanda Veneta (Viking Penguin); Brigit Binns (6 titles), Jane Sigal (Macmillan); Sam, The Cooking Guy,  (3 titles/Wiley); Michael Roberts (3 titles/ Bantam, William Morrow); Hans Rockenwagner (Ten Speed Press); Bradley Ogden (Random House);  Marilyn Tausend (4 titles/Simon & Schuster, University of California Press); Neelam Batra (3 titles/Macmillan); Joyce Goldstein (8 titles/HarperCollins, William Morrow, Chronicle);  Dede Wilson, PBS, Contributing Editor/Bon Appetit (11 titles/ Wiley, William Morrow, Macmillan, Harvard Common Press); Michael Roberts (Parisian Home Cooking, Morrow); Mary Bergin and Judy Gethers (Spago Desserts; Spago Chocolate; Random House)


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